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Why are Complementary & Alternative Treatments so Powerful

If you are struggling with your health, you'll do everything you can to get your health back. This means, as part of your health journey, you may wish to add Complementary and Alternative Medicine also known as (CAM) with Chemo, radiation, and surgery as part of your wellness plan.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine can support an individual on four different levels. Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. By giving you back your power of choice. 


When we feel we have a choice and are able to play an active role in our individual wellness journey this feeds our positive outlook.


When we play an active role instead of relying solely on someone else for our overall well-being this gives us back the feeling of control.

Below are the 5 pillars and modalities that Pinkies Up for Wellness uses to support sponsors through their wellness journey



What is Kangen Water?

Kangen means "return to origin" in Japanese. Kangen Water® is alkaline water produced by Enagic's alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. For more than 40 years, Kangen Water® has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. 


Hydrogen Rich

Water that is Hydrogen rich has a high concentration of Molecular Hydrogen (H2). Molecular Hydrogen acts as an efficient antioxidant that diffuses rapidly across cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, suppressing oxidative stress. Through the process of electrolysis, your tap water becomes Hydrogen rich Kangen Water®.


Oxidation reactions in the body can produce free radicals, while antioxidants terminate these reactions. Elevated rates of oxidants and insufficient antioxidants in the body cause oxidative stress. A constant supply of external sources of antioxidants should be part of one‘s daily diet, to reduce oxidative stress and related damage. This is why everyone should not only care about the quantity of the water we drink, but also about the quality. Both are essential for our wellbeing.


As with most things in life, optimal health begins with balance. Our bodies must maintain a pH balance of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. A pH scale is used to determine whether a substance is acidic or alkaline. On this scale 7.0 is neutral. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline and anything below 7 is considered acidic.

Negative ORP

Hydrogen rich water is characterised by exhibiting a negative ORP. A high ORP value (in positive numbers), indicates that a substance has a higher oxidizing potential. In generalised terms, for humans a positive or high ORP is better for the outside of the body (cleaning and sanitizing). A low ORP value (in negative numbers) indicates that a substance has a higher antioxidizing potential, and is preferred for oral consumption. Just like pH, ORP values are an important measurement for determining the quality of water.



What is Juice Plus+

Research findings consistently show that adding Juice Plus+ capsules to your diet can have a positive impact on a variety of health-related areas, including cardiovascular wellness, immune system support, DNA health, and many others.


Juice Plus+ is produced at state-of-the-art facilities that meet or exceed highest food industry standards for blending, encapsulating, and packaging. Our standards are reviewed and our facilities inspected by NSF the public health and safety company.

Not-for-profit NSF also inspects and certifies our products, as confirmed by the NSF seal on every Juice Plus+ bottle or pouch. As NSF-certified products, Juice Plus+ products undergo independent testing that ensures they meet and exceed strict guidelines for quality and safety. 

Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules

Build a solid nutritional foundation for yourself.

We all need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but it's hard to do. Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Blend capsules help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day.

Nourish to flourish.

Our Fruit and Vegetable Blend capsules provide added nutrition from 20 different fruits and vegetables, to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day.

The Power of Fruits and Vegetables

A healthy diet includes eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which provide you important vitamins, antioxidants and other plant nutrients that the body needs in order to be at its best every day.

  • Supports cardiovascular wellness: Combined results from 12 publications show that Juice Plus+ produces positive effects on several measures of cardiovascular health.

  • Supports the function of the immune system: Combined results from 4 publications show that Juice Plus+ supports the function of the immune system.

  • Supports healthy lung function: Juice Plus+ supports several parameters of healthy lung function, including forced expiratory flow and diffusion capacity.

  • Supports healthy skin & gums: Juice Plus+ increases skin micro-circulation and boosts skin hydration, thickness and density. Juice Plus+ has also been shown to support healthy teeth and gums.



What is Bemer Therapy?


Did you know electricity is running through your body right now? All living things generate electricity and without it we cannot live! The elements in our cells (think oxygen, hydrogen and carbon) carry different electrical charges to create electricity and send vital signals to different parts of the body. (Source: University of Maryland)

All of these vital materials are transported throughout our body via the circulatory system. So both electricity and blood flow are crucial to maintain and sustain optimal physiological function.


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Devices that use PEMF technology for therapy produce electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies that stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance. Uniquely, the BEMER device thereby temporarily increases local blood circulation in healthy muscles.

The effectiveness of these waves depend on specific parameters to target our cell tissues. Much like a musical song that has a specific melody, rhythm and tempo, PEMF therapy devices deliver waves in an organized sequence (melody), at specific frequencies (rhythm) set to a certain pulse (tempo).


Local and targeted PEMF therapy directly stimulates electrical activity within the muscle tissues “the field” interacts with. Think of charging a toothbrush or a cell phone wirelessly. The concept works the same within the body. But instead of charging a battery – you are charging your cells! When your cells are charged, they can provide the highest level of functionality to you, supporting your optimal performance and expedited recovery. BEMER works in concert with your body, enhancing the vitality within.


BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to deliver a patented bio-rhythmically defined therapeutic signal.

BEMER is an FDA Class II cleared consumer medical device that’s easy-to-use, non-invasive and is intended to stimulate healthy muscles and to temporarily increase local blood flow in healthy muscles.

BEMER is a unique FDA Class II cleared PEMF device designed specifically to target the circulation within the musculature in healthy muscles — the core system necessary for optimal health. Dr. Rainier Christian Klopp dedicated more than 20 years of his life and career to studying the relationship of electromagnetic therapy and the effects on blood flow and the microcirculatory system.


Blood is the body’s universal means of transport; oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g., hormones) and immune cells are all transported through our blood. When our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and metabolic waste products are removed, our bodies are more healthy and function properly.

Many physical discomforts and impairments are directly related to diminished circulation. This is because healthy circulation is the cornerstone of health! Without good blood flow, you simply cannot be at your best.

BEMER’s patented signal has been scientifically shown to temporarily improve blood flow in healthy muscles.* Improving local blood flow circulation within the muscle tissue is vital in optimal muscle function and performance.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. BEMER does not provide any medical advice or services. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than as described in the user manual. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.



What Are Essential Oils?


What are essential oils? Essential oils are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home.

Inside many plants—hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, bark—are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These natural compounds are essential oils.

Essential oils give a plant its scent, protect it from hazardous environmental conditions, and even assist it with pollination, among other important functions and benefits.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

When you open a bottle of pure, unadulterated essential oil, your senses are instantly filled with its potent aroma, even from a distance. What your nose detects are the naturally occurring elements of the essential oil.

Every essential oil varies in its natural makeup, so aromas and benefits are also unique. For example, Lavender oil includes elements that make it effective for soothing skin irritations, and promoting a restful environment for sleep.

Meanwhile, when taken internally, Frankincense oil supports immune, nervous, and digestive systems, and aids in healthy cellular function.

What Are Essential Oils Used for Today? 

Historically, essential oils were used as part of cultural practices and traditions. However, we now have increasing scientific evidence and research showing that essential oils can be effectively and safely used in a wider range of day-to-day practices and routines for amazing benefits. Today, essential oils can be used for cooking, household cleaning, personal hygiene, and much, much more.*

When you use essential oils, you'll have more natural solutions and fewer toxic, synthetically manufactured products in your life and home.

What Makes Essential Oils Effective?

Some essential oils are soothing, toning, and grounding, while others are energizing, warming, and renewing—but all essential oils are natural. The variety of essential oils allows you to naturally and effectively address your specific concerns. 

With so many essential oils available, you can tailor them to your specific wants and needs rather than be forced to settle for a generic solution. This makes essential oils a popular choice for those looking for the best natural solutions in the modern era. The verstaility of essential oils is part of what has made them so popular in recent years. People love that they can use essential oils for a variety of tasks, without having to buy multiple products. 


Transformational Coaching

What is Transformational Coaching?

Life coaching and transformational coaching are similar. By bringing about necessary changes, it involves helping people improve themselves and their lives. Transformational coaching clients, however, work on changing how they view themselves rather than how they act like life coaching clients do.

How it works

Transformational coaching involves supporting someone through a significant change that helps them grow, develop, and, eventually, "rewrite their reality." This involves examining every aspect of your life that could be favorable to the transformation that you are seeking. You will be asked to examine aspects of your life in detail, such as your cultural identity, influencers, and messaging that may be catalysts or hindrances to meaningful change.

What are the Benefits of Transformational Coaching?

A transformational coach focuses on bringing about long-lasting, sustainable change. Because it prioritizes understanding the question in its entirety, it offers a unique opportunity to look at it from a holistic perspective. As you learn to recognize the benefits of your unique perspective, you realize the gifts you have to share with the world, and you conquer fears so you can become the person you were meant to be. 

Although long-lasting, sustainable change is the greatest benefit, a transformational coaching journey can also result in many other rewarding outcomes, including: 

  • Without compromise, envisioning what is truly possible 

  • Discovering who you are as a person, your talents, motivators, dreams, fears, cultural influences, and assumptions, then knowing how they are shaping your worldview

  • Move you towards an empowered perspective and mindset 

  • The realization that success doesn't happen in isolation, but through support during transformation

  • Defining what fulfillment means

  • Writing your own terms for success and Defining happiness

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