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Meditation Group


At Pinkies Up for Wellness, we are on a mission to educate, empower, and support you through your wellness journey.

Whether it's through education, community, or our services, Pinkies Up for Wellness is here to help you take back your power so you can own your wellness at every stage. 



At Pinkies Up for Wellness, we utilize services from different Direct Sales Companies to offer support in products that we believe in.

And we are building a community of trusted professionals that believe in our vision of complementary care that will add a layer of support to our Pinkies Up community.


By Pinkies Up for Wellness acting as the distributor, we can help individuals struggling with their health, i.e. (cancer), qualify for free or discounted services through our non-profit and self sustain our mission.

As of right now, Pinkies Up has signed up under Kangen Water, Juice Plus, Bemer, and doTerra Oils to provide services to qualified individuals at little or no cost for a period of time, and we are adding to our network of professionals daily.


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